Become an AMPA Owner Member


Become An AMPA Owner Member

It’s fast and easy.

Mini pig owners, enthusiast, rescue advocates, non breeders!  Becoming a member is as easy as selecting the appropriate owner membership subscription below, fill out the required fields in the form, sign the owner code of ethics. After becoming an owner member you will be invited to register your mini pig and receive added benefits provided by the AMPA.

Become part of the nationwide AMPA voice championing mini pig education, health research, acceptable care and conditions for mini pigs, and responsible mini pig ownership.

Owners when you become a member with the AMPA, your benefits will be:

  • The opportunity to register your pig and receive added benefits
  • Use of Veterinarian locator search tool
  • Access to all information on AMPA Website
  • Newsletters for Members only
  • AMPA Support
  • Be a part of the movement to bridge gaps between owners, breeders, rescues, and veterinarians
  • Access to AMPA ethical and reputable mini pig breeders directory
  • Help AMPA in rescue endeavors
  • Listing on the AMPA Membership Directory


Mini Pig Owner Membership - Yearly Subscription $35.00 per Year.. Select Level Mini Pig Owner Membership - 3 Year Subscription $75.00 every 3 Years.. Select Level Mini Pig Owner Membership - 5 Year Subscription $110.00 every 5 Years.. Select Level Mini Pig Owner Membership - Lifetime Subscription $260.00 now.. Select Level