Microchipping Piglets As Permanent Identification


 Microchipping Piglets 

An important step in preparing piglets for their new homes is to microchip them before they leave your care. In some cases, such as traveling across state lines or flying to their new home, microchips are mandatory. By inserting the microchips before the piglet is placed will ensure it is done and gives you the chance to include the number in your records & AMPA registration. 


This is easiest done while they are young, before their skin becomes very tough and thick. The microchip should be inserted in pet pigs behind the left ear in the spot of soft skin. 


Microchips cost as low as $4 each and only take a second to insert. This insertion can easily be done at home by the breeder. Alternately, the microchips can be taken to the veterinarian at time of spay, neuter, or health certificate to be inserted. 


The AMPA recommends NanoChips for their low cost and ease of registration. According to the NanoChip website, free registration is included for breeders, shelters, and rescue organization. Once a breeder registers a microchip ID number, it will remain as the “Secondary Contact” permanently, regardless of whether or not the pet’s new owner also registers as the primary contact. This links you permanently on the microchip contact information to the piglet throughout it’s life. NanoChip also offers a full service pet owner and recovery service through FetchId for $19.99/yr. 


Benefits of Microchips:

  • Provides lifetime permanent identification.
  • Connects piglet to the breeder & owner – for life.
  • Proves ownership if pig is ever lost or stolen.
  • Combined with AMPA Registration, allows for linking of information such as photos, birthdate, health records, vaccinations, deworming, transfer of onership, family history/pedigree, etc. 
  • Aids in identifying and tracking a lost pig back to its owner or breeder.
  • Helps to identify pigs that end up rehomed, in rescues/sanctuaries or shelters without breeder’s knowledge. 
  • Microchipping all piglets will ensure that pigs found in rescues or shelters are NOT your own if they are not microchipped. 



Order microchips here from Nano Chips. This is the smallest microchip needle for gentle insertion and most affordable at $4 for each microchip in a box of 10. 

mini pig microchip



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