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        American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund




    Mini Pig Collar Dangers 


    Mini pigs should only wear harnesses that have been designed specifically for their unique body shape. Collars can be extremely hazardous to pigs, even when worn for a short time. 


    Mini pigs have a thick neck and relatively narrow head. They tend to go into panic mode when startled or upset. The collar can easily slip off leaving a loose & panicked pig. If the collar is not loose enough to slip off, then it is tight enough to cause extreme dangers due to their unique anatomy. 


    Pigs are anatomically different than dogs, having only one jugular vein. On the other side of the neck is a blood sinus where the other jugular would be in other species. If the blood sinus is torn by a collar, then significant bleeding and even death can result. In addition, they have a very small and delicate trachea. This trachea can be collapsed by the pressure of a collar, resulting in choking or suffocation. 


    The best harnesses for mini pigs are designed in an A shape, having two secure buckles on the side. This allows the harness to be put on without picking up the pig’s feet or sticking anything over their head. One strap goes around their neck in front of their front legs. The other strap goes behind their front legs. Whether the top of the “A” points towards the head or the tail depends on the instructions of the specific harness designer and also the shape of your mini pig. Some pigs have thicker or thinner necks. Try both ways and see which way feels more comfortable and snug for your mini pig. 


    There are also “all in one” style harness & leads that will grow with your pig. Pig parents may find these more suitable for pigs that have been well trained and are accustomed to the feel of the harness around their body. For pigs that are comfortable in a harness, these one piece leads are very convient to put on put & last through growth spurts. 


    For detailed harness training article click here

    mini pig spay neuter assistance
    Ore's hip to snip harness


    We set out to create the best pot belly /mini pig harnesses that we could. Our mini pig harnesses are specifically designed just for mini / potbelly pigs. We use heavy duty nylon webbing, upholstery-grade thread, sturdy metal or plastic buckles curved to conform to your mini pigs’ body, a welded D ring, metal snap clip and double layered leash to make the strongest mini pig harness you will find anywhere. Our potbelly pig harnesses will last a long time. 


    Our products are different. We custom design our own ribbons, and have them woven in Damask instead of printed, so not only are they durable, they are also unique –  you won’t find them anywhere else! 


    Our harnesses run from $14.95 in the baSIX© line to $59.95 in the Design IT© line, not including leashes, in sizes from XS to 2X Large.  You can choose from up to 22 different webbing colors and 3 ribbon styles in 3 product lines baSIX©, Off the Rack© and Design IT©. We can also do custom harnesses as well just contact us. Turn-around time is 1-3 business days for baSIX© and Off the Rack©, Design IT© is up to 10 business days. We have customers worldwide and offer standard and Priority shipping options for US locations and standard shipping for orders outside the continental United States. 


    We are a small family run business in Connecticut and do this part time. We all have regular day jobs as well as manage a small farm, consisting of horses, llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, chickens, dogs and of course, mini-pigs! Many of the animals here are rescues, either from bad situations or from people who are no longer able to care for them. Here they get all the care, love and attention they need to live out happy lives!  Proceeds from goes to support this effort. We donate a dollar from every sale to the American Mini Pig Rescue’s Spay/Neuter/Microchip fund


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    Pig Gear 

    pigglz harness

    Proud sponsor of the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund 

    Proud sponsor of the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund 


    pig gear
    pig gear

    When my pigs were very young, I bought them harnesses and loved them until I realized that they were rubbing my babies raw. I knew there had to be a better way, so I started designing my own in 2008. After all the failed designs, I came up with the perfect mini pig harness. My harnesses are A style and are made with sturdy webbing and heavy Duty buckles like the rest, but I cover them with soft flannel fabric to keep them from rubbing and causing sores under the arm pits. 


    These pig harnesses are made to order so that you will be happy with the way they fit your pig when you get it. 


    You can choose the size that is closet to the size needed , then put your custom measurements in so that I can custom make it for your pig. X-Small and Small are 5/8” wide, Medium is 3/4” Wide , Large and X-Large is 1” Wide. I also made a harness just for your big babies at 2” wide. You can also get a matching leash in 5/8” or 1” Wide. 


    I try to help all that I can, so with every purchase, I donate $2 to American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund. As well as Products/Cash and Discounts for Sanctuaries and Rescues. 


    You can find out more about Pig Gear by visiting my website at 


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     ParaLead offers a wide variety of harness and harness lead options, in an assortment of colors and sizes. Don’t see something you like, no worries we do custom orders! All of our leads and harnesses are made to order, with a quick turnaround of 5-7 business days or less. We offer world wide shipping, every order also includes an instruction sheet. All of our harnesses are made from a soft nylon cord, which allows for breath-ability as well as a strong non-chafing material.


    Harness leads:


    Our harness leads are the only harness you’ll ever need from birth to full grown, plus they come in a wide variety of colors! Don’t see something you like on our website? We’d be happy to work with you to come up with any lead you can think of! Our leads come in two sizes:


    – 7ft which we recommend for pets 0-100lbs although it will accommodate larger pets with a shorter lead length, it’s rated for up to 3000lbs! 7ft leads are $30.99 plus shipping


    – 10ft which we recommend for pets 0-300+ pounds, it’s also rated for up to 3000lbs! 10ft leads are $35.99 plus shippingHarness leads are amazing for all pets, they are a great quick no leg lift option and they are escape proof!


    Side buckle harness:


    Our side buckle harnesses require absolutely no leg lifting, as well as an adjustable length of up to 5″ to allow for plenty of growth! We have a chart with measurements as a guideline for each size, but we also offer custom sizing at no extra cost. They are durable, escape proof, and customizable as well! Make an extra statement with a matching leash! We offer 3 different harness styles to choose from


    – “X” style

    – “A” style

    – “T” style – although we recommend this style for dogs only 


    Harness prices start at $20 and up, add a leash for an additional $10.


    ParaLead also offers a wide variety of accessories such as shirts/sweaters, cups, hats, car decals! We will also be offering bracelets to match your pets gear, as well as custom engraved tags to add to your harness or lead! 


    As piggy owners and animal lovers ourselves we love to give back in anyway we can. $2 of every harness or lead sold will be donated to the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund. We also donate $1 from every purchase to our local Spirited Sanctuary. we also offer a lead called “Charlie”. They are a member of the piggy community, she is a 7 year old little girl who needs a kidney transplant. She has a therapy pig named Peppa, so she designed this lead, $2 of every Charlie lead sold goes to her and her family to help with medical expenses. 


    If you would like to purchase or find out more about ParaLead please visit our website or social media accounts.


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    Paralead pig harness


     Proud sponsor of the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund

    Pet Creations

    We make two different types of harnesses a light weight with plastic hardware and a heavy weight with metal hardware all are lined with fleece for comfort on the inside and are custom sized for your pig with room for growth. We also make beds, blankets and coats from fleece all custom for your piggies needs. We also make the occasional stuffed piggy toy.We ship all over the country and you can contact us through our face book page via messenger. -Joy Thomas

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       Ore’s Hip To Snip Harness, is a slip lead harness/leash combo for pigs up to 100 pounds (this harness grows with your pig), 12 foot, making this the best choice for your mini pig. Ore’s Hip To Snip Full Figure Harness is for those over 100 pounds and up. Our harnesses come in a variety or colors, we ship world wide, free shipping in the US, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Additional shipping applies for other countries. $55-$65 including shipping. We can make custom colors for additional charge of $10. Harnesses ship with in 1-2 days.        


       Each harness is hand braided individually out of 550 paracord, they are life time guaranteed against breakage, easy to put on, no more wrestling your pig to go for walks, machine washable, holds 2000 pounds plus of pulling pressure, UV Fade resistant, and Rot resistant, machine wash/hang to dry, or simply wipe clean. A Portion of the proceeds go to American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates Spay and Neuter fund.


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    Sharp’s Mini Pig Food 

    Ore’s Hip to Snip Harness

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    mini pig harness

     Proud sponsor of the American Mini Pig Rescue Spay Neuter Fund





     We make custom x style mini pig harnesses in a large variety of sizes and colors. The majority of our harnesses are made from heavy nylon webbing and the purchaser can choose a decorative ribbon that we sew on top. We use contoured plastic buckles (with the ability to do metal) and keepers with metal triglides and d-rings. They are stitched using upholstery weight threads. 


    Other items we currently offer are: matching leashes, automobile pet restraint systems and photo key chains. 


    All of our harnesses are made to order. Custom sizing is welcome, however, we offer standard sizes as well. Extra Small and Small in 5/8” polyester webbing. Extra Small, Small and Medium in ¾” nylon webbing. Medium, Large and Extra Large in 1” nylon webbing. We are happy to custom order any ribbon (or you can send ribbon directly to us). 


    Our harnesses range from $15 to $25 (no extra charge for custom sizes, just order the size that best corresponds with your measurements). We make every attempt to get each harness out as soon as possible. 1-2 weeks processing time should be expected (although we may ship sooner). All orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. We currently ship worldwide. In the United State, shipping is a flat $7. 


    We are proud to donate harnesses to sanctuaries and other fundraising groups (to benefit sanctuaries) for raffles and auctions, and do so on a regular basis. 


    We also cater to feline and canine friends. We customer make cat and dog collars and leashesare also working on a clothing line for pigs and for dogs.. 


    We have recently purchased all of the equipment and are working at adding custom ribbon (your pet’s name, for example), pet ID tags, personal photo items (mouse pads, coasters, plaques, and the like) and decals to our line of offerings. 


    We are also working on a clothing line for pigs and for dogs. 


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    Penny and Hoover’s Pig Pen 

    Penny and Hoover's Pig Pen



     The AMPA’s official Mini Pig Training Handbook: Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication With Your Mini Pig is the first training book of it’s kind! An impressive 130 pages full of training instruction, behavior, communication, problem solving, aggression, tricks, manners, and FULL COLOR or B & W photos to help you visualize the wonderful companion that is within your reach.


    One of the keys to a long and successful relationship with your mini pig is training and enrichment. Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals. Highly trainable and they thrive when their minds are stimulated and challenged. A well trained pig is a happy pig. Every time you train with your mini pig, you are improving your communication and strengthening your bond. Training teaches your mini pig the skills she needs to be a well behaved member of the family. Training also gives her the tools she needs to communicate with you.


    Basic Life Skills ♦ Harness and Leash ♦ Potty Training ♦ Fun Tricks  Obstacle Course ♦ Teaching Respect ♦ Enrichment Activities

    Order Your Copy Today! 

    mini pig training

    Mini Pig Training Handbook

    Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication 

    With Your Mini Pig 


    Visit our website to learn more about mini pigs, find a registered mini pig breeder, become a member of the AMPA and register your mini pig in the official mini pig registry!



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