What is an AMPA Registered Breeder? FAQ for Breeders


The AMPA is very proud to announce that we have almost 20 breeder members who have agreed  to follow a higher standard. The AMPA is inviting any and all breeders to become a part of this positive change.  Today can be the first day for you to follow a code of ethics that will give your customers a sense of trust and pride. The community will stand behind you knowing that you have chosen to advertise without misleading labels. Potential buyers will seek you out due to the proof of the size and ages of your breeding pigs. The AMPA will be honored to support your new business built on truth.


What is an AMPA Registered Breeder?

The AMPA has a process in place for mini pig breeders to become registered. First of all, there are two membership levels for breeders. To become a basic breeder member, the breeder is required to fill out a form with basic information, upload photos of their pig’s housing, and sign the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics which can be found here. A Breeder Member has very basic benefits through the AMPA, as this member has only provided the AMPA very limited information on their farm or facility and no information on the animals in their care. The AMPA takes our role very serious as an ethical and reliable source for the mini pig community as well as the consumers looking to purchase a mini pig.

The next step is to become an AMPA Registered Breeder by registering a minimum of two breeding pigs, a boar and  a sow. The process to register breeding pigs is a bit more time consuming than the initial membership form. This process is setup to provide transparency. Registering a breeding pig requires proof of age, photos of measurements, and details specific to the mini pig. Providing this proof of age, height, and living conditions provides the AMPA with confidence to endorse you as a Registered Breeder. Taking the steps to register your breeder pigs shows the consumers that you have nothing to hide. This is of the utmost importance in a community that has been wrought with deceptive breeding and advertising practices. Consumers are wary and suspicious, rightfully so! The AMPA is providing you the opportunity to stand out with your ethical and responsible breeding practices. At the same time, this gives the consumers a worry-free shopping experience. They have confidence in the screening process of the AMPA. Consumers no longer have to worry if a breeder is trying to scam them or manipulate the facts. As an AMPA Registered Breeder you will be recognized for going above and beyond to meet the highest of standards. We are proud of the AMPA Registered Breeders and we are honored to promote them as a shining example in the community for other breeders to strive towards. Your honesty, ethics, and openness will inspire others.

The AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics lays out these higher standards, point by point. When a breeder becomes an AMPA Member, they must sign this code of ethics. Some breeders will find they need to make changes to their breeding programs in order to comply with these standards. This may be a challenge to some breeders, but we wholeheartedly support the improvements these changes will bring to the mini pig community. If you are finding compliance with the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics difficult, please reach out to us. We have helped many breeders overcome the challenges to improve their breeding and advertising practices while giving credibility to their business. These changes are well worth the effort as we work together to improve the breeding practices, advertising, and owner education in the mini pig community. AMPA Breeder memberships will be put on a hold status until these changes have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate AMPA committee, which includes a review of their websites and social media. All of these steps are aimed at protecting the pigs, and in turn providing the consumers a pleasant and confident shopping experience.

An added benefit to the registration process is a searchable online database that will be built with the information and data collected. The compiled data will be invaluable to breeders, veterinarians, perspective owners, current pig owners, and those involved in research studies. In time, breeders, prospective owners, and current owners will have access to the lineage of their pigs over the years. This will allow comfort in knowing the health and well being of the pig’s family line, record of growth, medical records, and more.



For Prospective Breeders:

Where can the AMPA Registered Breeders be found?

The American Mini Pig Association website has a breeder map that will start filling up with AMPA Registered Breeders once our breeder members start registering their herds. A breeder member must take several steps to become an AMPA Registered Breeder, eligible to be placed on the public breeder map. Breeders must register two of their breeding mini pigs, a boar and a sow. Furthermore, the breeder must comply with the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics, including any necessary changes to business name, website, social media, or advertising that contains the misleading terms of micro or teacup. As soon as these steps have been completed, the AMPA Registered Breeder will  be eligible for placement  on the breeder map.


What is the difference between a Breeder Member and a Registered Breeder? 

A Breeder Member has simply become an AMPA Member with very limited information provided. A Registered Breeder has taken further steps to register their breeding mini pigs providing verified data that gives potential buyers confidence in their search for a mini pig. All AMPA Breeders have agreed to follow the AMPA Breeder Code of Ethics, which includes eliminating misleading terms such as teacup and micro from their business names, websites, and social media advertising.


What are the benefits of being an AMPA Registered Breeder?

The link provided below explains all of the benefits of becoming a Registered Breeder Member. In the first month, the AMPA received over 10,000 hits on our website. That is very high traffic! The AMPA will continue to grow in popularity and be owner driven. Besides getting the use of the Registered Breeder logo, being on the AMPA nationwide map, registered breeders will stand to gain more exposure in various ways. More importantly, your pigs will be registered and your future litters of piglets will be eligible for registration, which is appealing to prospective owners. As a breeder, you will also have all of your information stored in a database for permanent records. Soon the AMPA will also be adding DNA testing, as well as lineage tracking for use in pedigrees.

Check out the link below to see a list of all the breeder benefits.



What are the Steps to register?

Below is a link the describes the steps necessary to become a certified breeder member.



How do I measure my pigs?

Below is a link the describes the steps necessary to measure your mini pigs.



I don’t have a birth certificate for my pig, how do I prove age?

If a document is not in place to prove the actual birthdate, the member can provide alternative proof of when the pig was obtained.


I have questions about the AMPA. Who do I contact? 

The AMPA is well aware of the problems in the mini pig community as a whole, especially on social media. Breeders bashing breeders, rescues bashing breeders, rescues bashing rescues, the gossip quickly spirals out of control. This negativity, divide, or competition hurts the entire community. Even more so, it hurts the pigs.  The AMPA strives to unify reputable breeders, rescues, and owners to work together as a team for the good of the pigs. The AMPA Board of Directors encourages the mini pig community to lift each other up and become a team. We have created a Facebook group dedicated to the AMPA Breeders, to unify the breeding community, to support each other, to network, and assist each other in becoming better breeders. We encourage  members to make use of this group, reach out to one another and refer customers to each other when possible. We will not engage in gossip or hate. Our goal is to lift up and promote the breeders following responsible and ethical practices to inspire widespread improvements in the community.  It’s all for the pigs! The AMPA is happy to answer any questions and we have encouraged this.

Anybody is welcome to email us with questions: info@americanminipigassociation.com



Why can’t AMPA breeders use the terms micro or teacup in our business name, in advertising, or on our website?

The AMPA strives to change the public’s view about the reality of mini pigs. Terms like teacup can be misleading, especially because the general public equates this in dog terms, which can mean tiny. If breeders change the way they advertise mini pigs, then the general public will begin to change what they look for when choosing a pet pig.

Below is a link of the breeders code of ethics. #17 on the code of ethics explains this more thoroughly.




I am interested in becoming a member,  but have not always practiced the ethical standards set forth by the AMPA. How do I start?  

This is probably one of the number one questions and concerns breeders have. Most mini pig breeders in the US have not followed what is in the AMPA Code of Ethics, including the breeders involved in the AMPA. In fact, the Breeders Code of Ethics took years to write. The frame of the code was primarily written in a group that included more than 40 breeders. From there it was reviewed,  updated, and additions were made by a veterinarian, mini pig owners, and advocates for mini pig rescues.  There has never been a standard set in the mini pig world before. We are breaking new ground!

In the past, breeders have had to learn from other breeders. Often times, a prospective mini pig breeder, which we can call Breeder A, bought mini pigs from unethical Breeder B unknowingly. They believed and trusted their breeder, especially when it came to size. Marketing terms like teacup or micro were used because that is what Breeder B told Breeder A they were getting.  Breeder A repeats the pattern unknowingly.  Years later after much experience, Breeder A will realize that they do not have a teacup or a micro and their pigs have grown larger than expected despite what they were promised.  The AMPA is striving to break this pattern by providing the standard, code, and size/maturity classifications as the guideline for new and experienced breeders, despite their past behaviors or previous business practices. It’s time for a fresh start and a new standard for the betterment of the mini pig community.

The AMPA wants to help breeders reach this new standard. We have a breeder mentorship program set up for less experienced breeders, and to assist any experienced breeders in making the changes to their breeding program, website, social media, so that they may be eligible for registration.


I have questions or concerns about an AMPA breeder. How are the Code of Ethics enforced?

The AMPA has an Ethics Committee built by a group of impartial individuals who receive no monetary benefit. The Ethics Committee has members from various industries and professions to address and manage any disputes or filed complaints.  Disputes can be filed on the AMPA website.  If there are complaints against an AMPA breeder they will be reviewed and appropriate steps will be taken with the breeder privately to address the dispute.  If the dispute can not be resolved, the Ethics Committee will make a recommendation, which could include suspension or removal of the breeder from the AMPA Registered Breeders program. Gossip and hearsay is rampant in the mini pig world, but we do take submitted complaints with a genuine concern. The American Mini Pig Association takes ethics very serious as we uphold the Code of Ethics that all registered breeders have signed.


Why is the AMPA an LLC?

The AMPA is a limited liability company.  This is the business structure recommended by the AMPA attorney and CPA.  A limited liability company has many benefits to businesses including limited liability protection for it’s owner/members and their personal assets, as well as the assets of their families.  As an LLC, the AMPA is protected from take over or internal disputes. Building the AMPA as an LLC assures we can provide stability, growth, and longevity of the registry.  The LLC is a commitment to the vision of the creators, the efforts of  our committee members, and each and every member of the association.  The AMPA is built to last.  We have built a strong foundation to achieve our goals.  When you become a member and registered breeder, you are investing in the future of your business.  As the AMPA grows the industry will shift in a positive light. Documentation and registration will be a selling point to potential mini pig owners.

We also encourage our breeder members and registered breeders to get involved with the two nonprofit organizations that have been founded along side the AMPA;  American Mini Pig Rescue and American Mini Pig Education.  These three organizations can be a mighty  force of change in every area of the mini pig community.  If you have an area you are particularly passionate about or a goal you would like to see achieved please email one of the organizations.

American Mini Pig Association:  Info@AmericanMiniPigAssociation.com

American Mini Pig Rescue:  RescueAdvocates@AmericanMiniPigRescue.com

American Mini Pig Education: Education@AmericanMiniPigAssociation.com


What if I have questions about a member of the AMPA board?

The AMPA has chosen it’s board members for their strengths and their commitment to the association.  If there is an issue related to the ethics of a board member, or their performance related to their role with the AMPA, a dispute can be filed for review.


I have a dispute with a breeder that is registered with the AMPA.

In this world that is driven by social media, gossip and negativity are more visible than ever before. With that being said, the AMPA is the beginning of a positive change.   Past negative experiences must be erased to allow for that change.  We are an all accepting association for anyone that chooses the goal of following the standard of excellence that is established by the code of ethics.  This organization supports improved quality of life for mini pigs and the potential families that will own them.  If, after the code of ethics have been agreed to and signed, a breeder is found to have violated the code of ethics or shown neglectful practices, a dispute should be filed for the ethics committee to review. These disputes are taken very seriously by the AMPA as we fully intend to uphold the AMPA Code of Ethics.


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