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Mini Pig Ambassador


The Little Rooters Family has been going above and beyond for years, educating and advocating for mini pigs. They attend huge festivals and events to show the truth of adult mini pigs and break the myths that plague this community. Carla and her family are an inspiration for other AMPA Registered Breeders and everyone else that  is passionate about spreading the truth of mini pigs as pets. 


Dolly, Paisley, and Hope mini pigs attended the festival showing tens of thousands of people the truth in size of mini pigs. Carla chose to NOT take young piglets — she didn’t want the ohhh’s and ahhh’s. She wanted real, true education! There were NO sales at the Little Rooters tent. Instead, there was hundreds of educational flyers and materials for people to take and learn from. To spread the truth and break the myths. 


It wasn’t an easy task to undue the false information that has been spread by irresponsible and dishonest people, to combat the misconceptions spread by the media, and bust of the fairy tale ideas people have of minuscule or micro pigs as pets. Carla used sheer passion, strong integrity, the support of the American Mini Pig Association, and years of personal experience to shed the light that was desperately needed. 


The AMPA applauds the ongoing efforts of Carla & the rest of the family at Little Rooters Mini Pigs to make a better life for mini pigs and the people who love them dearly. 


Thank you Carla, for being a Mini Pig Ambassador! Learn more about Little Rooters Mini Pigs here

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