Mini Pig Events, Pet Expos, Conferences, and Educational Vacations 2018

AMPA Mini Pig Events 2018

 Cancun, Mexico   October 18-23, 2018 Special attention should be paid to groups. If you are in “pick-up artist” groups, “how to get any girl … Read more

Healthy Diet Challenge – Weight Loss Goals – Facebook Group

healthy diet challenge

   American Mini Pig Education Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Challenge   January 1st to March 30th PRIZES FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS The one BIGGEST LOSER … Read more

Introducing Piglet to Pets & Older Pigs

wittle piggies

  Introducing Piglet to Other Pets       When introducing a new piglet to other house pets, start slowly and watch for body language. … Read more

Blowing Coat – Mini Pig Shedding FAQ

blowing coat

Mini Pig Shedding  Blowing Coat    Who says pig’s don’t shed?? Mini pigs don’t shed regularly like dogs or cats, but they do have … Read more

Car Rides With Your Mini Pig – Where Will You Go?

car riding

  Mini Pig Training Handbook Tricks, Life Skills, and Communication  With Your Mini Pig   The AMPA’s official Mini Pig Training Handbook: Tricks, Life Skills, … Read more

Healthy Skin Care by Dr. Cathy

healthy skin

  Healthy Skin Care  Dr. Cathy Zolicani   Healthy skin and hooves depend on a healthy environment, proper skin care, and proper diet.  Pigs … Read more

Annie Oinkley and Frank Swineatra the Mini Pig Heroes

  Annie Oinkley & Frank Swineatra Mini Pig Heroes at Midwest Pets for Life   The American Mini Pig Association is proud to present … Read more