Mini Pig Events, Pet Expos, Conferences, and Educational Vacations 2018

AMPA Mini Pig Events 2018

   Cancun, Mexico   October 18-23, 2018 Vacation with the AMPA on our first annual Education Vacation!  Explore the beauty of Cancun with the luxuries … Read more

Healthy Diet Challenge – Weight Loss Goals – Facebook Group

healthy diet challenge

   American Mini Pig Education Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Challenge   January 1st to March 30th PRIZES FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS The one BIGGEST LOSER … Read more

Mini Pig Harness List, Custom Mini Pig Harness, Mini Pig Collar Dangers

mini pig collar dangers, mini pig harness

    Mini Pig Harness Makers PigGear *   ParaLead *   Pet Creations   Sheldon’s Own   Ross Mill Farms   Sharp’s Mini … Read more

Pre Loved Pigs – Networking Adoptable Pigs – Rehome

pre loved pigs

Pre Loved Pigs – Networking Adoptable Pigs  Post in the following groups or website: Pre Loved Pigs  – Post here first. This is a … Read more

Low Cost Spay Neuter Assistance Program DONATE or APPLY

low cost spay neuter assistance

The American Mini Pig Rescue is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting mini pigs through education and support. Helping to keep pigs in … Read more

Low Cost Microchip Assistance – Mini Pig Microchip Guidelines

low cost microchip assistance

The American Mini Pig Rescue Advocates offers a low cost microchip assistance program. Microchips are $15/each including shipping. For every microchip sold, another will … Read more