Healthy Diet Challenge – Weight Loss Goals – Facebook Group

healthy diet challenge

   American Mini Pig Education Healthy Diet & Lifestyle Challenge   January 1st to March 30th PRIZES FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS The one BIGGEST LOSER … Read more

DIY Pig Toy – Mini Pig Spin the Bottle Game – Treat Dispensing Toy

DIY pig toy, Treat Dispensing Toy

  Spin the Bottle  DIY Pig Treat DispensingToy  Photos provided by Andrea Francesconi    Every pig needs mental stimulation and enrichment in their life. This … Read more

DIY Rooting Mat, Rooting Ball, Rooting Toys Tutorial

DIY rooting mat

  DIY Rooting Mat, Rooting Ball, Rooting Toys Tutorial Photos & ideas courtesy of Sarah Sandin   Making your own enrichment toys at home … Read more

DIY Food Dispenser Mini Pig Enrichment For Meals & Treats

diy food dispenser, homemade pig toy, pignata, pinata

No Boring Meals!  Why feed out of a bowl when you can easily provide fun enrichment activities that work the body and mind? Incorporating … Read more

Mini Pig Harness List, Custom Mini Pig Harness, Mini Pig Collar Dangers

mini pig collar dangers, mini pig harness

    Mini Pig Harness Makers PigGear *   ParaLead *   Pet Creations   Sheldon’s Own   Ross Mill Farms   Sharp’s Mini … Read more